Secret Music


72 min / 2018

The film explores David Del Tredici’s stylistic shift from atonality to tonality and Romanticism through his piano and vocal works—the repertoire that most intimately represents his musical origins and creative thinking, and most clearly reflects his goal of communicating his personal identity and his sexuality through music.


  • American Music Film Festival, Troy, 2019
  • Lonely Seal International Film Festival, MA, 2019
  • Mostly Modern Film Festival, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2018



  • PSC/CUNY Fund
  • Secret Music Foundation


Special Screenings

  • Leslie Lohan Museum, New York, 2019
  • Chazen Museum of Art, Wisconsin, 2019
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2019

Victor Ilyukhin

co-producer / editor

Daniel Beliavsky

director / co-producer