Two and Twenty Troubles


45 min / 2016


Anthony Lopez and Rachel Handler, two disabled actors (both amputees), intend to restart their careers after a long hiatus. Rachel was a promising young actress before surviving a car accident. Anthony was born with his physical disability and has been taking a break from acting due to a persistent lack of confidence. Both meet each other at the Nicu’s Spoon Theater – a company whose mission is to provide opportunities to both disabled and non-disabled actors of various ages, gender, races, and cultural backgrounds. Rachel, Anthony, and other cast members try to win recognition and, most importantly, reaffirm beliefs in themselves. As the premiere of the play approaches and physical and self-esteem issues become an obstacle, will they make it to the final performance?

For more information please visit: 22troublesfilm.com


  • Focus on Ability Online Film Competition, finalist
  • Russian National short film competition “Overcoming”, winner


  • Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Atlanta, 2016
  • Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York, 2016
  • Breaking Down Barriers, Moscow, 2016
  • Equality Film Festival, Kyiv, 2016
  • Lisbon International Film Festival, 2015


  • NYU Community fund
  • Puffin Foundation
  • Queens Council on the Arts

Special Screenings

  • Eurasia Foundation, New York, 2017
  • Northern Illinois University, 2017
  • Australian Embassy in NYC/Focus on Ability Showcase, 2017

Victor Ilyukhin

director / producer / editor / cinematographer